GraphViewer - Scientific Calculator for your mobile
GraphViewer - Scientific Calculator for your mobile

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GraphViewer - Scientific Calculator for your mobile

New Android version

Download GraphViewer on Google Play


Download the FunctionPlotter.apk here.

Old Nokia version

Download and install

There are three possible ways to install GraphViewer on your mobile phone:
Version Languages Compatibility
GraphViewer 3D 3.0.1

GraphViewer.jar (270 kB)

GraphViewer.jad (1 kB)
19 languages newer phones
(except BlackBerry)
GraphViewer 1.1.0
GraphViewer.jar (128 kB)
GraphViewer.jad (1 kB)
13 languages all compatible phones

For more information about how to activate GraphViewer 3D, please go to the how to activate GraphViewer page

Download directly on mobile using WAP

This is the easiest method. Use this method to download GraphViewer via WAP directly on your mobile.

  • Check that you have enough free memory space (300kB) on your phone and that WAP is enabled
  • Open your WAP browser on your mobile
  • surf to on your mobile
  • Here you can choose between 2 downloads of GraphViewer. You can best try the biggest file first, but if this doesn't work, you can try the others.

Download via pc and connect your mobile at your pc

  • Download the Graph3D.jar and the Graph3D.jad file for the latest version of GraphViewer
  • Copy these two files to your mobile phone (using a PC cable, a memory card that fits in your mobile, an infrared connection or bluetooth)
    Nokia users must first install the Nokia PC Suite on their computer, start the Nokia PC Suite, connect their device and choose "install application".
  • Go to your phone menu
  • Open the Application menu (if it's not there, open the Phone gallery)
  • Start the GraphViewer application

Download directly on mobile using the WWW

For this method you need a very recent phone, that can surf the World Wide Web (not just WAP)

If it's not working yet, you might want to download as well


YES, keep me up to date about the next improvements that will be made in GraphViewer.


Designed by Tim Vermeiren (2016)
Translated by Tim Vermeiren